Want to grow your creative business? #FrederickCreatives

I DO! I DO! I seriously have so many ideas and a big dream for my little business. I’ve been saying this a lot lately but I firmly believe that if I remind myself of it each day it will happen.

Let me start by shouting … I LOVE MY DAY JOB! I’m a middle school art teacher and honestly, I won’t give up teaching. It’s too much fun, my students are incredibly inspiring, and to be completely transparent, Why wouldn’t I want to inspire young people to follow their creative dreams just like I am and give them the tools to do so? ….Exactly. :)

Is my full time job going to stop me? Nope. It only fuels my creativity and desire to achieve the goals I’ve set for myself. If you feel the same way, or if you feel the complete opposite and totally want to quit your day job to rock your side hustle full time, join our new group “Frederick Creatives,” a group of local peeps who want to network, share opportunities, and grow together. I know, it’s pretty small right now but one day I hope to expand into other areas. In the meantime, follow me on social media because I will for sure be posting about it. @LindsayElizabethArt

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MY SHOP IS LIVE! (Earlier than expected). You're Welcome!

Are there any other moms out there that when they hear “You’re Welcome” immediately break into Maui’s tune from Moana? No? Just me? Ok…well….anywhoooo…

I decided to add some products, make it live, and see how it goes. I will certainly be releasing more work in the upcoming months for the holidays. Not to mention, the earrings that I’ve been working on, ornaments, and other fun gift ideas.

Click HERE to visit my shop.


Affordable Minis for the Holidays

The other day, I bought some inexpensive supplies for a workshop I was hosting. The supplies I bought were similar to those in which I typically would use with my middle school art students so they are perfectly acceptable for beginner artists. Well, I liked the colors that were included in this particular watercolor palette so I decided to use them for some of my own favorite subject matter…

As I was painting I started to think, “these look pretty good”…I wonder if anyone would really notice that the supplies are not professional quality like I would normally use. ;) So, without much hesitation, I started an entire collection of beaches, oysters, and jellyfish with this paint, and a less expensive watercolor paper. I intend to sell these at a fraction of the cost for those who might not normally buy an original painting because of the price tag. Will I neglect my professional supplies and do this often? NO…but it’s fun for now to hopefully spread my love for custom, original art……..with an affordable price tag.

***Don’t worry, your artwork will last just as long as one with the fancy shmancy supplies would. :)


Back to Schoooool

School has officially started. I met all 265 of my students last week and I couldn’t be more excited for the upcoming school year.

Bringing balance to my life as a full time teacher, artist, mom, and wife is something I strive to get better at. I won’t lie. My husband is often shaking his head at me for planning an event on a Sunday, or painting after our little guy goes to bed. I will admit, I need to work on my scheduling tactics to achieve the balance I’m envisioning. Throw some suggestions my way in the comments! I would love to hear from you.

With that said, busy is my jam. I like being busy….and it’s my middle name right now. Check out what I’ve been working on…including my classroom.

I will be releasing new work in the New Year and it will be available for purchase directly on my site. Etsy, you’re in limbo right now. :)

#ArtistMomLife in the Summer

Summertime and the livin's .... easy??? Well, it's certainly busy and eventful! I get to hang with my little guy (he's 15 mos. now so of course there isn't a lot of sitting down), but it's TONS of fun! During nap time each day I paint, paint, and paint. Good thing he's still taking two naps a day. We were in Sunset Beach, NC for two weeks so the inspiration was everywhere. 

I started working on a collection called "Savoring Summertime." Foods and flavors of the beach. Yum! This collection still needs to be photographed, matted, and scanned before its release. I also painted my favorite...watercolor jellyfish. *Click to enlarge. 

FUNKY FLORALS...Inspired by my students.

These paintings were most definitely inspired by my students. Vibrant, funky, mixed, bold, loud, ... I could go on. I LOVE THEM! ... Just like I love my students. 

We have been working on an "Abstract Exploration" project in 8th grade with watercolor, pen and ink, sculpture, and printmaking. That's where these beauties came from. The first layer was watercolor, I added some dry brush detail and sharpie on top. Lots of fun to create! 

I picture these little loves framed on the wall of a kid's room, tween/teen decor, or even a college dorm room. I think the possibilities for display are endless if you want a funky piece of art and fun pop of color. 

Don't ignore the bookmarks scattered around in the picture below. My 8th graders used scraps to share kindness quotes with others in a creative way. :)

Find your niche they said...

Well, right now I just want to paint everything! I've been in my studio exploring florals, beaches, black and white subject matter, patterns, and more. Just about everything under the sun. Maybe I'll find my niche one day but today isn't the day. Here's what I've been working on. 

Starting out as an artist does NOT have to be expensive.

My fiance chuckled when he read that title...it doesn't though. I promise. 

Who are you? A recent art graduate? A stay at home mom/dad looking to make some money on your art? Want to pursue art as just a hobby? A full-time employee in the business world looking to make a change? Maybe you are happy with the title of part-time artist (like me). I love my job…I’m an art teacher (obvi right?) and don’t plan on changing that anytime soon.

Simple question…Do you want to be an artist? Of course you do. I’m assuming that’s why you’re here. 

If you are anything like me you’re probably a bit overwhelmed trying to figure out how to get started. How do I pay for all these supplies? How do I use social media to showcase my work? How do I create a website? Do I need to pay for professional designers? I’m not tech saavy. These types of questions and struggles keep most people from even starting.

In this post, I am going to tell you how I got started and how it does NOT have to cost an arm and a leg. First of all, I’m a teacher. I don’t have a huge budget to buy the best quality paints, papers, and canvases. So…I didn’t…and honestly, I still don’t unless it’s a commissioned piece, showpiece, or other circumstances that warrant high quality supplies.

Think about it…your first clients or buyers are probably not going to be fine art collectors. They may not even be strangers. They will most likely be friends or family. I am willing to bet that most of your friends and family members don’t know the difference between high quality, expensive art supplies and the less expensive stuff. Use that piece of information to your advantage. Get your work out there, get your name out there, and get referrals. Once you’ve made a little bit of money you can then purchase more (and possibly better) supplies. With that said, don’t expect to make a ton of extra money for the first few months…even years depending on how motivated and productive you are. Your priority for a little while is to collect supplies, use social media to grow your following, and PAINT…or draw, or make jewelry, or sculpt, whatever your craft is…DO IT!…and do it as much as you can!

First…you need supplies.

USE COUPONS FRIENDS!! Sign up for email lists, be a preferred customer, let those pesky emails come to your inbox…you will thank me.

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Michael’s, Dick Blick, A.C.Moore, and a bazillion other stores have coupons all the time! 50% off regular priced items, 20% off your total purchase, and everyday value deals galore. Plan your buying around those deals. I can’t stress that enough. The other day, I got small professional grade canvases for $3 each. $3!!!!!! Holy moly guys…I bought as many as I could afford. When I buy paint, I wait for the 50% off coupons. Paint is expensive so start with sets. Ok, let me get into some must-have supplies.

  1. Canvases – I like the 1.5” thick but you totally don’t have to start with those. Get whatever canvases you want. They even come in packs! http://www.michaels.com/canvas/canvas-packs/845162760
  2. Paint Sets. I just bought this one the other day and love it. No it’s not heavy body and you have to use a little more of it in layers to get a vibrant color but go for it! Experiment with it. The range of colors is great! http://www.michaels.com/48-set-acrylic-paint-set-by-artists-loft/10327078.html . My other favorite set that I buy whenever it’s 50% off is this one…Liquitex Basics http://www.michaels.com/liquitex-basics-acrylic-color-set-48ct/D003130S.html. If you aren’t painting huge (which I don’t really recommend when you’re starting out anyway…I’ll explain later…remind me) then this set will last quite a while.
  3. Brushes – Make sure you buy a variety of sizes and shapes (square, round, etc.). This set will get you familiar with the different types. http://www.michaels.com/super-value-brush-pack-by-artists-loft-necessities/10504534.html
  4. Sharpies – A variety of black (ultra fine and fine point), colored, and even metallic for a little pizazz.
  5. A pad of watercolor paper. I use this for watercolor AND acrylic painting. I cut the larger pages into 4”x6”, 5”x7” and 8”x10.” *Make sure to find a paper cutter somewhere..don’t try to use scissors. Here’s my favorite. http://www.michaels.com/strathmore-300-series-watercolor-pad/M10063415.html?dwvar_M10063415_size=9%22%20x%2012%22
  6. Most importantly, a sketchbook. Some of my favorite work has been created in a sketchbook. Scan it. Photograph it. If there’s serious interest, invest in a few giclee prints (take it to your nearest framing or printing shop). There is nothing wrong with making a print of artwork from a sketchbook. Shoot, you may even find the perfect buyer for the original. You never know. http://www.michaels.com/search?q=sketchbook

A few more money saving tips:

  • Use paper plates or magazine pages as acrylic palettes. Throw them away when you’re done.
  • Always pour the least amount of paint possible…you can always add more but it’s nearly impossible to get the paint back in those teeny tiny tubes. Ha!
  • Buy your organization bins, containers, baskets, etc. from the dollar store, yard sales, use hand-me-downs, and the like.
  • Wash your brushes often and don’t leave them soaking in water too long. They WILL fall apart. Especially if you buy cheaper brushes to start. Believe me…I’m the queen of buying brushes and ruining them. Oops. That’s something I need to work on.
  • Use your smartphone and a free photo editing app to take great photographs of your work. Wait for natural light, snap, edit, and post. I’ll teach you more about this later. I also need to take my own advice. :)

BOOM! You’re ready to make and sell some art! Get started. I’m here to help. Reach out to me anytime! 

In a future post, I will share a few social media strategies to help build your following. I struggle with this too and need to spend more time focusing on it. We can build our following together! I will also share some easy peezy website building and blogging resources to get you started. I’m looking forward to it! Let’s do this!





Lindsay Elizabeth.

Me. A fancy little intro...


Below is an artist statement I wrote for an upcoming exhibit. It perfectly captures the essence of my work but not my every day “voice.” You’ll get to know me a bit better verrrrry soon. :)

In my work, I find myself exploring a variety of colors and unique representations of a particular subject matter. My sometimes unrealistic color combinations are often inspired by a feeling or emotion, something that caught my eye, or simply a trending color palette. As a finishing touch, you will almost always find dancing lines throughout the painting to create depth, texture, or a bit of added interest to draw the viewer in close.

Creating is something I love to do and my inspiration is ever-changing. One day I’m obsessed with painting jellyfish, the next…oysters, and the next…bold, vibrant florals. I strive to constantly redefine my art and grow through exploring maker movements on social media, collaborating with other creatives, and getting involved with local organizations. For me as an artist, my definition of creative success is when someone hangs my work in their homes to compliment that perfect piece of furniture, add some vibrant color to a gallery wall, capture a memory, or simply represent something they love.

I am currently in my 8th year of teaching Art and I can honestly say that my students inspire me every. single. day. My love for sharing art with others is why I am constantly exploring new concepts and inspiration. My goal is to provide my young aspiring artists with the most relevant, engaging, and fun processes in the world of art-making.

I would be honored for you to follow @LindsayElizabethArt on Instagram andLindsay Elizabeth Art on Facebook to get a glimpse of my life as a mom, art teacher, and part time artist.