FUNKY FLORALS...Inspired by my students.

These paintings were most definitely inspired by my students. Vibrant, funky, mixed, bold, loud, ... I could go on. I LOVE THEM! ... Just like I love my students. 

We have been working on an "Abstract Exploration" project in 8th grade with watercolor, pen and ink, sculpture, and printmaking. That's where these beauties came from. The first layer was watercolor, I added some dry brush detail and sharpie on top. Lots of fun to create! 

I picture these little loves framed on the wall of a kid's room, tween/teen decor, or even a college dorm room. I think the possibilities for display are endless if you want a funky piece of art and fun pop of color. 

Don't ignore the bookmarks scattered around in the picture below. My 8th graders used scraps to share kindness quotes with others in a creative way. :)