Affordable Minis for the Holidays

The other day, I bought some inexpensive supplies for a workshop I was hosting. The supplies I bought were similar to those in which I typically would use with my middle school art students so they are perfectly acceptable for beginner artists. Well, I liked the colors that were included in this particular watercolor palette so I decided to use them for some of my own favorite subject matter…

As I was painting I started to think, “these look pretty good”…I wonder if anyone would really notice that the supplies are not professional quality like I would normally use. ;) So, without much hesitation, I started an entire collection of beaches, oysters, and jellyfish with this paint, and a less expensive watercolor paper. I intend to sell these at a fraction of the cost for those who might not normally buy an original painting because of the price tag. Will I neglect my professional supplies and do this often? NO…but it’s fun for now to hopefully spread my love for custom, original art……..with an affordable price tag.

***Don’t worry, your artwork will last just as long as one with the fancy shmancy supplies would. :)