Want to learn a new skill this year?

Well, I don’t know if you know me but I LOVE TO TEACH! So I think we are a match made in heaven don’t you? I read somewhere (I wish I could find the email so I can give credit where credit is due) that one of the most popular new years resolutions is to learn a new skill. This is fantastic! I agree, but when do we have time in our busy schedules to take time for ourselves when we are also trying to work out, prepare healthy meals, work, housework, spend time with family, etc. so hear me out…I have an idea…

Lets combine two of those things I just listed. That’s a start right? Doing something for yourself (aka learning this new skill) AND spending time with your family. Win win my friends!

Art can be an intimidating new skill to learn. Maybe you had a bad art experience in school, maybe you compare your skill level to others, maybe you don’t think you have a single creative bone in your body…well, I’m here to show you that ART IS FUN! It’s about enjoying the art-making process and enjoying the process with your families.


Here’s the deal. I’m in the process of developing a series of creative projects for you to learn and do WITH your family, especially your little ones. My ebook that’s coming out on January 28th has five watercolor projects perfect for your entire family. It also provides the basic information to learn more about watercolor painting.

Why did I choose watercolor? Because honestly, it’s affordable, it’s easy to travel with, it doesn’t stain (at least I’ve never had a stain stick around), and it lasts a loooong time if you use it correctly. It’s easy for younger kids to use as well and they often use it early in elementary school so you might find that they are more experienced than you are. Ha!

Not only is my ebook perfect for someone who wants to try something new, I’m also holding a week long (five days) “Creativity Challenge” at the beginning of February. This one is totally free but completely different than the ebook. It will be about challenging yourself and your family to get creative through drawing, coloring, conversation and maybe even some "get up and out of your seat” activities.

I’m giving everyone on my email list a discount code for my ebook and you will be the first to know about dates for the creativity challenge so subscribe below!