Why host an art event??? With me.

Why host an in-home (or destination) art event?

You can hang out with me! If that right there isn’t enough please continue reading. **wink**
First of all, you may be asking yourself “What does she mean by an art event?” Well, to put it simply, I have a gazillion art project ideas, experience in just about every art medium there is, and a serious passion for teaching. See the event menu below. Don’t think of this as your average paint night!

  1. What do I mean by “in-home” event? You will invite friends/family/coworkers to your home for a unique and incredibly fun gathering. Celebrating something? I’ll bring the pARTy to you.

  2. What do I mean by a destination event? If you don’t want to host in your home, there are plenty of local places that charge a minimal rental fee. Fire halls, community spaces, schools, restaurants, etc.

  3. What types of events or gatherings would be conducive to art-making? Any really! A casual Friday night, a holiday gathering (I will theme the artwork being created), fundraisers, team-building, girl’s nights, maybe even switch up your game night (I would be happy initiate a little friendly competition by bringing trivia or pictionary to play while we’re letting our work dry).

  4. Do you have a cause you’d like to support? I’m a huge fan of supporting the community through school fundraisers, local organizations, etc. For example, school fundraisers are hugely successful. I’ve been teaching for 10 years so I promise to engage your whole audience. This can be a yearly event (or more often if you’d like) and a great money maker for your cause.

  5. It’s something different! My art events are NO LONGER your average paint night. The events I’m speaking of are more like workshops or classes, where everyone can produce something different, explore their interests, and walk away with a masterpiece...and maybe a new hobby. Will I create something step by step for those a little scared of what I just said? Yes. But if I can teach these things to middle school students I can certainly make sure you are successful too.

  6. Speaking of which...birthday parties! Gather a group of friends and host one of my creative events. I will work with the birthday boy or girl (and mom or dad of course) to make sure the project is something him/her and their friends would enjoy. You can do one of two things. As the host and parent, you can pay a special group price or ask the attendees to pay a portion instead of bringing gifts (or cards...I mean, those things are like $5 at hallmark now). Jeesh. Totally 100% up to you as the host of a party. We can chat about that later.

  7. Men AND women can participate. I will modify subject matter accordingly.

  8. All supplies are included. You just need to sit down and enjoy. Maybe grab a beverage or snack first.

  9. Let’s continue our creative relationship after the event. I hope you will continue to follow me on social media. Ask me questions, attend other local events I will be hosting, or just email me! We can even set up personal lessons for anyone in your family. Need recommendations on supplies? Some advice on subject matter? I got you!

  10. If you’ve ever said “I can’t draw” or “I have zero artistic ability” I will change your opinion if it’s the last thing I do!

  11. You really don’t have to plan anything. I do it all for you. All you need to provide is the location, seating, and food/drink if you choose to do so. From my experience, less is best. Your artist attendees will be so focused on their work they won’t have time to eat a full spread. :)

I can’t wait to get you on the books for 2019. Email me directly at LindsayElizabethArt@gmail.com to start the process of planning your perfect event.

If you’d like to attend an event before committing to host one, we have a few more seats open at Olde Mother on January 30th from 6-8. Register HERE…and SOON if you’re interested.