My Favorite Art Supplies

Did you attend a recent workshop of mine? Are you planning to? Did you buy my ebook but want some other information on recommended supplies? Do you simply want to treat yourself to some new supplies as you explore a new skill with me? Do you have an art-loving kiddo who would LOVE quality supplies for his or her birthday? If so, post is for you. I have highlighted just a few (BUT THE MOST IMPORTANT) supplies that I use each and every day. I’m particularly fond of the watercolor pens. If you’re new to the world of watercolor OR like to venture out of the box from time to time, these are most definitely for you.

  • Kuretake Watercolor Paint - 36 Colors. If you aren’t ready to experiment with liquid watercolors (I do think liquids are a bit more advanced), this set is DA BOMB! The colors are vibrant, it lasts FOREVER so the price point is unreal for what you can get out of it. I highly recommend this product for any skill level and I use it every. single. day.

  • Arteza Watercolor Pens - 24 count, 48 count, 96 count. I could not be more in love with these pens. Of course, I like to experiment with new materials from time to time. I think long time watercolor artists might cringe at this new and innovative take on such a timeless medium but I LOVE THEM!

These florals were created using only these pens! Unbelievable if you ask me.

  • Canson Watercolor Paper - This particular size is perfect because I can get one 8x10 and two 5x7s out of one sheet. I paint rather small most of the time so it’s perfect for exploring the process, gift giving, and finding affordable frames.

  • Watercolor Brushes - You don’t need a wide variety. You truly need a large, medium, and small brush to take care of. Start with these.

  • If I’m not framing my work for a client, I’m definitely going to mat and package it for them so they can choose their own frame. (If I didn’t mat yours and you’re a client of mine I’M SORRY…I promise I will in the future. :) These are great because they come with sturdy backings AND bags. If you plan to sell originals at a vendor event, give a homemade gift, or simply store safely, these are perfect! You don’t always have to frame an original piece of artwork for it to sell. Some people like to pick out their own frames.

If you purchase any of these supplies let me know how you like them! They are affiliate links so I actually get a small commission from each sale. I would NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS endorse a product I didn’t already have success with and/or use on a daily basis. If I’m going to whole-heartedly recommend them to you why not get paid for it right? You can find each one of these in my studio right now. I’d take a picture to prove it but you don’t want to see that disaster at the moment. Mama needs to find some time to spark joy in that space.