Born and raised in Frederick, MD, I fell in love with art at an early age as I filled coloring book after coloring book. With zero hesitation, I pursued my dream of becoming an artist and connecting with others through creativity when I began my master’s degree in K-12 art education. Soon after graduating, I began teaching middle school Visual Art and never looked back. Going on ten years, my career started in the classroom and quickly evolved into becoming a working artist and educator. Honestly, I wouldn’t change either profession for the world and can’t even imagine one without the other. I love sharing art processes, techniques, and styles with others as much as I love creating the work itself.

My work continues to evolve with every painting and every collection. I am always redefining my creative process and experimenting with unique representations of my favorite subject matter. The unrealistic color combinations inspired by trending color palettes found in my work and detailed dancing lines are characteristic of my personal artistic style. Mark-making with paint is part of the creation process I find incredibly fascinating so be sure to look close. Every mark, line, and layer is intentional.

My purpose is to create original and affordable art for your home that brings joy, a sense of calm, and vibrant color into your space. But wait, our creative relationship doesn’t stop there. I will work with you to ensure my art colorfully compliments that perfect piece of furniture, becomes the perfect statement piece to start a conversation, adds some vibrant color to a gallery wall, or styles that cozy corner bookshelf. Hop on over to my blog for ideas too (coming soon).

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